"SHINee is like family"

— Kim Jonghyun (Interview for Sina Weibo)

"SHINee is like the weather. Everyone has their own personalities; it’s something that is essential to Earth."

— Lee Taemin (Interview for Sina Weibo)

"Don’t be sad; tomorrow and forever, we’ll be together"

"Kanashimanai de ashita mo, zutto, isshouni iru you …"
— Lee Jinki/Onew (Colors of the Season)

"All five of us have the same heart to protect SHINee. Even after time passes, we hope to be active as SHINee, unless physical reasons stop us."

— Kim Jonghyun (SHINee World Concert III Press Conference)

"I wouldn’t say it (being a globally recognized celebrity) bothers me, but there are times when I feel it weigh down on me. Because although I’m really thankful for everything, I can’t just stop at that; it compels me to be better. So from time to time, I remind myself to not be concerned with “How popular am I? How much am I loved?” but to put all of my effort into becoming better in the things that are important."

— Lee Taemin (Interview for GEEK Magazine)

"I personally want to take off on a spontaneous trip. The kind that you suddenly have the time for one day and just set off with your close friends. I think it will be relaxing to just walk around the busy streets. It will still be a satisfying trip even if it’s not somewhere fancy or if it’s without an impressive itinerary. Just the thought of escaping from the confines of my routine gets me excited."

— Lee Taemin (Interview for GEEK Magazine)

"SHINee has challenged itself with not-so-easy music. The genre wasn’t plain and it was almost too much to handle when it came to singing live while performing the complex choreography. At first we had our doubts thinking ‘would this work?’, but if you just do it, it works. All throughout my singing career, I learned that anything is achievable if you put your back into it."

— Lee Taemin (Interview for GEEK Magazine)

"My dream is to do things until ‘I have no regrets’"

— Lee Taemin (Interview for GEEK Magazine)

"These feelings and my love are forever …"

"Kono omoi wa, boku no ai wa … forever …"

— Lee Taemin (Colors of the Season)

I just want to say, i saw allllll your posts and i love this blog thank you so much for this

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thank you so much, dear^^
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